Sunday, March 18, 2012

Open letter to the Catholic Bishops of the USA

Dear Catholic Bishops:  At what point did you think that the Goddless Socialist who occupies the White House in Washington DC was ever going to be on your side or even near your side.  This is a man who spoke AGAINST the "Born Alive Bill"  for those of you who have not successfully pulled your heads out of the sand; it was a bill that ban the murder of children by neglect after they were born alive during a botched abortion.  Now if Obama had no problem allowing these poor innocents to die what makes you think he cares about you and your flock? 

What you need to do is trade in your silk vestments for a uniform from a fast food restaurant and see how people live.  Since it has become clear to me that all of your sucking up to Obama is misguided and shows a lack of understanding of what is really going on out here.
God Bless
Philly Mike

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