Saturday, February 18, 2012

National Health System of England

Dear Readers:  For a long time I have been posting and talking about the dismal prospects for our health care if Obamacare becomes law.  Just recently we saw the attack on the First Amendment by Obama in his mandate to have Religious Institutions provide contraception, morning after pills and abortion coverage in their health care policies. 
You will also remember if you are a regular reader, that I mentioned that the Catholic Bishops were all so excited to have Obamacare because it fit into their Socialist/Communist vision of Social Justice. Now of course they have been kicked right in their b____ by the man that they were all gaga about.  How long will it take before the bishops realize that Obama can not be trusted?
Social Justice is something that the churches and the individuals should be in gaged in NOT the government.  In case you have not noticed, the government screws up and makes a mess of everything they touch. I will not even mention the excessive cost that is created by government intervention.
Now we have the irony of all ironies.  Obamacare was modeled on England's National Health Care System (Socialized Medicine).  Well  England's Socialized Medicine Program is collapsing in on its self, form lack of proper care, long waits, money etc.   Read here.  Obama being an arrogant individual, will most likely ignore these fact and push his Obamination forward.
I urge you to write to your Senator or Congressman and ask politely to put an end to this awful program.
God Bless All

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