Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hollywood in the age of incivility

Dear Friends: As we who have a half a brain in our heads have come to realize, that our society is no longer slowing sliding into a dark place, but rather running at top speed into oblivion. We have elected a man as President of the United States who has no experience and one whose Marxist feels were ignored or scoffed at. We have also become so crass that we will accept as humor the denigrating of a sacred image of Christ and laugh about it. At least some have, I of the Half-a-Brain crowd am disappointed and stunned at such actions.


I know, I know , l should not be shocked or stunned by stuff of this nature coming out of the Loony Left or from Loony Hollywood. What shocks me is that these people who need viewers and an audience for their livelihood would trash the beliefs of the people they depend on. Hollywood and Washington, DC are the only two places on Earth where the "HELP" so to speak--thinks it's OK to mock and degrade those who put them there.


Here is a link to an article by Doug Giles on Larry David and his outrageous sacrilegious behavior.


Be well and remember: If you are twenty and not a Liberal you have no heart; if you are thirty and not a Conservative you have no brains.

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