Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dreams of things that Can't be

If it talks like a Socialist and acts like a Socialist and governs like a Socialist what do you think it is??

Hi folks;  been busy getting ready to move.  Here are a few pictures/cartoons that are worth a thousand words and a link to a series of pictures dealing with American ingenuity that seems to be going faster than my pay check.  ThE  LiNk  If you are wondering about all of the cartoons dealing with Communism by a host of cartoonist then just ponder a second on the idea that so many people are coming up with the same thing.  If Obama wants to act like a Communist Dictator then it is only fitting that he be pictured as one. Keep in mind that America is great because each of us has an opportunity to do what we want if we have the ability and drive to go after it.  Equality can not be Socially engineered on a nation or group of people.  Check out the success of all the nations that have adopted Communism or Socialism-- not a very good track record.

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