Sunday, October 3, 2010

Get Rid of the Teachers' Unions and Save Education

Hi Folks: Been away for a while, No- not in jail, moved and then the computer took a turn for the worst and I could not do anything for it and so it past on to that great Mother Board in the Sky.

Anyway, we is (went to bublic schol) back and still kicking ass. Need to change the name of this blog though, or maybe not. Saw a great story and video clip of a documentary that is coming out about the state of American schools ( Waiting for Superman). Unless you have been moving and lost your computer, you already know that they Stink with a major capitol "S".

Speaking of " , for all of you who "Hate" Glenn Beck, you really ought to listen to him or watch his TV Fox News Channel at 5pm before you start foaming at the mouth about how awful he is. He comments about people with their own words not his and then you can make the judgment call. Check out his web site.

I know that there are a few people who still care more about having fun than doing the correct thing. So when you Go About Getting It On try and use protection because abortion is truly MURDER. Check out this web site.

And I will leave you with: Stop our Marxist Obama by voting Conservative this November 2

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