Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dear Friends I came across this great Townhall article by Doug Giles that is well worth your time. It is really one of the few articles that seem to appear on the Internet these days that actually tells it like it is. Please take a few minutes and read the piece and the comments are a work of art in themselves. Click Here for article.
Always remember: People deserve the government that they get. We must work overtime to balance the non action of the TAKERS in this country so that we do not end up like one of those lame European Socialist Societies. Such societies are doomed to oblivion because of the attitudes that they foster. A large group of European Countries will lose control of their own countries because of the drastic decline in the birth rate. A direct result of Socialism and Relativism.
Too many have shed their blood for our Freedoms here in the USA to let a megalomaniac destroy them in just four years. Be active, Be vigilant.
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